[Tips] Make PDF files by Reader on Safari

[Tips] Make PDF files by Reader on Safari
Use this to yourself or share the article on the internet to friends or read on the phone or tablet. PDF files generated after using this method consists of all content, not including other content should also help people get more comfortable reading material is read the website is stored. The reading on mobile devices is more comfortable because the PDF format is common and almost always machine readable. I have made a PDF file from all Dexterity your OSX Mountain Lion @ Duy Luan below, invite you to see through.   The steps: After opening the page content you want to create PDF Reader button at the top right of the browser, also located at the end of the address bar. With its content sites too complex can not recognize Safari Reader. Drag your mouse to the bottom of that page click on will see a menu bar with different functions. Just drag the bottom of the window, not sliding down the page. Select Print and then choose Mail PDF or Save (Save As PDF) on the bottom left of the window that appears. In this window you can see through the PDF page will be created. Attachments: Mountain Lion OS X tips. Pdf File size: 3.8 MB Views: 71 ...


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