Olympic athletes plan how much food for each meal?

Olympic athletes plan how much food for each meal?
Rival fisherman Michael Phelps quantity of food to eat many times a normal person with 12 thousand calories a day and the athletes attending the Olympic exam often have other food in the amount of nutritious food to ensure possible resources for the exam. But no extreme amount of calories as Michael Phelps, but when looking at the menu every meal of the athletes, the number of calories are well in excess of two thousand. Designer Sarah Parker and Michael Bodiam photographer has taken photos very intuitive illustration of a meal but an Olympic athlete to complete. The food in the picture is selected on the advice of nutrition experts Dan Benerdot with ingredients such as bananas, strawberries, shrimp, chicken, cheese, pepper, juice, fish, eggs.   Athletes of the exercise:   Athletes throw weights: Subjects running athletes: Besides food, fruit juice, the runners have to eat more salt and pepper Three athletes triathlon:   Source: MashableHinh illustration: Petapixel ...


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