Things you did not know about iPhone development and it

Things you did not know about iPhone development and it
Being present at the trial between Apple and Samsung is taking place not only lawyers but also the director, senior vice president, character is important to make arguments in court to prove. There are a lot of confidential information about the development of Apple's iPhone has not been released was revealed at the trial to accuse Samsung piracy of iPhone design. Apple does not want these secrets being exposed, but to win Samsung and aspirations of Steve Jobs that will open nuclear war if necessary to destroy Android, but they must do so. Before deciding to produce iPhone and iPad, Apple has adopted the idea of ​​a new product, including cars, cameras or Apple labeled "equipment other crazy." Could render many of the camera car or Apple, but such products can not go further than the Apple idea. Code name of the first generation iPhone is purple project (Project Purple). Scott Forstall (Senior Vice President IOS) said the code name for a new project in Apple mainly obtained by color. When Steve Jobs through the project to build the first generation iPhone, Scott Forstall is required for recruitment of iPhone development team. Scott Forstall Steve Jobs said that he was only allowed to select the people inside Apple for reasons of confidentiality of information. The whole team were unaware that they are doing the project, Scott said they should only accept work on this project, at night, on weekends and possibly for years. After forming a team, they are placed in a small office at Apple headquarters to the highest security mode is possible with camera and card authentication when entering. This secret room is a small poster outside the club with the name fight (Fight Club) because the first thing to make that team is not allowed to talk about projects they were working outside the room. (The name Fight Club is taken under the name of a film and literary works of the same name). Although iPhone, iPad achieved huge success, but Apple has spent some decent money to marketing the device since its launch. Since 2007, Apple spent a total of 647 million dollars in advertising for the iPhone, iPad numbers (from 2010) is 457.2 million. Scott Forstall said he invented the double-tap feature to zoom the web page when using IOS for iPhone prototype, Scott often use two fingers to drag and zoom to read more. Phil Schiller said the survey documents, Apple's market 5/2011 to see the brand is important to users in the U.S. and China selected Apple products. A survey showed 78% of users buy as protection for their equipment. The high-level characters discuss Apple's iPad edition 7 "from the end of 2010. By early 2011, Eddy Cue has sent an email to Tim Cook, Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller discussing version 7". Eddy Cue said he was inspired with iPad 7 "and what it can do. In a talk about the idea with Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO when it is more open and receptive to ideas that Eddy Cue out. Source: GigaOM, the verge, WSJ, GizmodoHinh photo: Regmedia ...


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