Solution laundry machine non-electric, pedal-operated

Solution laundry machine non-electric, pedal-operated
It can be said washing machine is an indispensable equipment for any family, especially its role is becoming more important as human life is always busy with work. Specifically, you just put dirty laundry in the washer and wait less than 30 minutes can have clean clothes, very quickly and conveniently. But not everywhere have the facilities that, in the slums or poor residential areas scattered around the world, electricity and clean water is always very expensive things for people here. Understanding the difficulties, two students from the College of Fine Arts in Los Angeles designer, Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You have a machine GiraDora - cheap washing machines do not use electricity, operation by foot pedal to pedal force. In terms of design and texture, GiraDora shaped like a plastic tub, including a flat surface at the top circle, the purpose of this form to help the user can sit in a comfortable way, through which began operating washing machines by pressing the foot pedal constantly. In addition, the inside of the machine? Also have a different tank mounted on a central pillar - similar to the texture of a regular washing machine. The pillars of this center will be connected to the pedal at the bottom of the tub. GiraDora using very simple, just give the user full of dirty clothes, water, soap and then secure the lid. Now the only job for active devices on the machine that is sitting up and constantly press the foot pedal, this washing machine will shake it to shake away the dust and wash dirty laundry. When you feel have enough clean clothes, a shower? Water at the bottom will be opened, the user must bike pedal to push all the water out. Finally, the drying period clothing, we have to press the pedal constantly to integrate inside the rotating machine, this machine will take advantage of centrifugal force to dry. Easily recognized that the benefits that brings GiraDora are great, especially for countries with a high percentage of poor people. Women in these areas will not have to spend much time and effort when cleaning, because with this washing machine and they just sat on the bike pedal - can just wash clothes, to moderate exercise . In addition, GiraDora was closed a washing machine uses less power, conserve water and especially cheaper than a regular washing machine (GiraDora cost $ 40 - more than 800 thousand USD). The Cabunoc and You GiraDora introduced at many conferences, as a result they have been pension funds NCIIA E-Team to support $ 19,500 for this washing machine on the market. The original goal of these two students is to provide testing 50 machines for people in a trial in Peru, then will start selling in the South American market and three years later would be India.     $ ("# Galleria_697014202"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });   According to Gizmag ...


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