Thermaltake introduced Black Element gaming mouse fan removable Cyclone Edition

Thermaltake introduced Black Element gaming mouse fan removable Cyclone Edition
Thermaltake has just introduced a new gaming mouse called Black Element Cyclone Edition. This is a device attached to the mouse Black Element, but is enhanced with a 6000rpm fan speed detachable. According to Thermaltake, the fan of the mouse will help "reduce the pressure of the game and sweat from the players" to experience during the game better. Through proprietary technology that noise emanating from the fan was 21.7 dB, without affecting the sound enjoyment of the game. Thermaltake says its product is the first computer mouse in the world are equipped with fans like this.   In addition, Cyclone Edition Black Element own laser sensor resolution up to 6500dpi increases accuracy while playing, light effects around the body with 5 different colors, overlay "quality troops" to the grip is comfortable. Manufacturer also equipped for this 9 button mouse with macro mode setting for 5 different game. In terms of connectivity, Cyclone Edition Black Element communicate with the computer via USB cable with gold plated. Users can customize the mouse to add the maximum weight of 22.5 g by the pieces mounted on the underside. The life cycle of press keys on the mouse click is 5 million, while fans can dial is about 50,000 hours. Element Cyclone Black Edition will be sold in the U.S. in August for $ 80.    $ ("# Galleria_11857490"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });   According TTeSport ...


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