Facebook is testing this feature read the following with each new update

Facebook is testing this feature read the following with each new update
Some Facebook members today said they have a Facebook account to add the ability to save any status updates from friends to view at your leisure, said iMore blog social networking services may be tested smaller scale of this new feature. Like Reading List (Apple iCloud), or Pocket Instapaper for reading, Facebook features are being allowed to test for any updates on the status of any items saved (Saved) to read later, it is especially useful useful when you have to browse News Feed and does not have time to read these important updates. To save a story and after reading this, press and hold to it, a menu will appear (pop-up) allows you to save it.   Not only for iOS applications that Facebook platform Facebook mobile web and the computer will also have new features. All status updates will be stored in an entry in the popular (Favourites) and private label (Private), meaning that your friends can not do this. I have not seen this new feature appears in Facebook, but sources say it will be automatically updated to IOS Facebook application, you do not need to check for new updates from the App Store.   Source: iMore ...


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