[The idea] TShirtOS - platform built on cotton shirt

[The idea] TShirtOS - platform built on cotton shirt
Have you ever bored when day is reading the news about these operating systems are so familiar as IOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry OS?. If you want to search for new experiences or new feel, then go to the TShirtOS - the first platform in the world can "wear" on the body. Na that can understand TShirtOS is the operating system is integrated on a shirt made from 100% cotton! More specifically, this shirt will be equipped with LED display, camera, microphone, speaker and accelerometer sensor, all will be controlled via a smartphone. In functional terms, this shirt can use TShirtOS display content from Twitter, play music, take pictures, especially to share the photos via Instagram application, but certainly one that TShirtOS will not support the application requires a virtual keyboard, why sure you can understand.   CuteCircuit, fashion arose the idea of ​​using TShirtOS shirts, said they will conduct their products through quality checks and techniques before mass production, of course they will only really sell this shirt if there are more people interested in it. Although still stop at the idea, but the appearance of TShirtOS shirt as a cool breeze bring freshness to a world full of litigation, competition between operating systems.     According to Engadget


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