Ship of private buffers inspired sports car

Ship of private buffers inspired sports car
Frustrated with the slow renewal of ship design air mattress for several decades, second cousin Michael Mercier and Chris Jones have decided to buffer the development of private vessels inspired by cars premium sports. Do not just stop there, the idea of ​​Mercies-Jones also provides a means to operate more smoothly, more maneuverable and more environmentally friendly than the current ship air mattress. Ability to rotate back is always one of the major points of the vessel unless air mattress, but Mercier-Jones said that the direct control system patent pending their means will allow steering and brakes like a car slightly. The large fan placed in front of two sides of the vessel provides the ability to control the orientation is perfect for back and forth and sideways. In addition, the fan can operate independently so the driver can do the rotation becomes more complex.  Inspired by the maritime industry, cars and space ships, air mattress of Mercier-Jones will be made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass and wood tiles. However, by the use of technology and assembly processes available, Mercier-Jones towards a more common price for ship air mattress, namely under $ 20,000. The ship can be a hybrid, a motor operated fuel and electric motor. In particular, the electric motor will increase performance and reduce air pollution and noise. To raise funds to develop and test a series of prototypes, Mercier and Jones have put their projects on site fundraising community indiegogo with the funding from $ 1 to $ 15,000. Both the two hope to achieve about $ 50,000 cash on August 22 this. However, since the time of the project, they only earned around $ 1,000 donations. If things are motivated and achieve goals as planned, Mercier and Jones plans to build and implement a test train a new generation air mattress in May next year.    $ ("# Galleria_132633817"). Galleria ({width: 490,height: 500,maxScaleRatio: 1,preload: 3,idleMode: false,trueFullscreen: false,});  By: Gizmag


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