Siemens wind blade manufacturing the world's longest with a length of 75 meters

Siemens wind blade manufacturing the world's longest with a length of 75 meters
With experience built fan for over 30 years, Siemens has launched the world's longest blades for wind turbines generate electricity. Siemens said its own fan B75 wing length of 75 meters, equivalent to a wingspan of an Airbus A380, while the whole rotor diameter up to 154 meters when operating. The turbine blades this long covering an area of ​​18,600 square meters while turning, it's about the size of 2.5 football combined.   The wind turbine is responsible for moving air into kinetic energy to generate electricity in windy areas. With the turbine with blades 75 meters long by Siemens, about 200 tons of wind effects on this propeller per second in wind speeds of 10 meters / sec. Maximum rotational speed of the blades 75 meters long is 290 km / h and it is mounted on the turbine with a capacity of 6 mega watts. Siemens said rotor is made with material processes IntegralBlade from fiberglass and balsa wood, it is cast solid so no seams, making stronger blades. In addition, Quantum Blade technology also help weight of the propeller wind down 20% from the previous generation.   B75 windmill wind turbine is mounted on the coast at Osterild, Denmark. Wind turbines now in operation here when the official will provide enough electricity for 1.8 million homes by 2017. After successful testing, Denmark will install 300 turbines off the coast of England in the next few years.      $ ("# Galleria_1051687360"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });   Source: Gizmodo, Wired


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