Dropbox confirmation few user accounts are hacked, additional security features

Dropbox confirmation few user accounts are hacked, additional security features
Many people use cloud storage service Dropbox has complained several weeks before they receive spam (spam) from email address only for Dropbox and recently, this service has official response. It does not clarify the origin of spam letters confirm this but Dropbox account a small amount of users who have stolen passwords and login name to use for wrong purposes. Hacker has stolen the credentials of the user from 3rd party sites, which are then used to log into Dropbox. Although not tell exactly the number of users stolen Dropbox account but said he had contacted them to better protect your account.   In addition, the service said one of the stolen account was used to access the employee's account Dropbox contains a list of email addresses of users. Dropbox suspected spam emails sent to users can be derived from this attack. To help prevent, the various security measures have been put forward as Dropbox password, add the item to the investigation process or account login two factor authentication. In the next few weeks, authentication feature Dropbox two factors will be introduced as options to the user. When enabled, a login code will be sent to you (via phone, for example) to log into account with a normal password.   Source: Dropbox, Tech Crunch ...


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