RIM said the Indian government does not have access to the decryption process BlackBerry services...

RIM said the Indian government does not have access to the decryption process BlackBerry services...
After the Indian media reported on the RIM has provided the government access to decryption process Email, BlackBerry Messenger is immediately BlackBerry maker denied. David Paterson (Director of External Relations of the RIM) RIM confirms always put the security interests and the top customers will not have any particular individuals, the government is allowed access to the decryption process of translation services they provide, including India.  Indian market is getting huge interest from RIM and this is forcing them to meet the country much trouble in the past few years. Although previously allowed to take all the communication on the BlackBerry Messenger, but the government wants to access email monitoring of all companies, individual users because they say this is good management most. RIM has shown very clearly the difficulties to be able to meet the requirements on both sides but do not seem to find a common voice. And BlackBerry maker constantly pressured by the risk to stop providing services at the second most populous country in this world. It is known that the BlackBerry data is encrypted and sent directly to RIM's servers, without censorship through the mechanism of the host country. That helped the BlackBerry is considered the most secure phone line now, and entrepreneurs popularity because of its security. But no country can be like that, India, Indonesia with a variety of Middle Eastern countries because that can not handle the data content on the BlackBerry, so the criminal activity if the performance that they will be difficult to control. And RIM has concessions by setting the host system in a few countries while allowing access to a portion of their data. The problem in India seems to stress, in the case of concessions, RIM needs a solution to intervene on the Email data and data in the form of intervention will be read, allowing easy access government find the user's dialogue. If RIM does not accept compromises and the Indian government imposed a ban on BlackBerry services, the companies it would really be difficult. However, they also prepared their own solutions, some information on alternative temporary service called BharatBerry provided by Funambol software with features push email, synchronize contacts and calendar are similar to BlackBerry mentioned. Sources: Reuters, ZDNet


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