Ariel Atom DDMWorks created the world's most powerful, with 700 horsepower

Ariel Atom DDMWorks created the world's most powerful, with 700 horsepower
DDMWorks airline of the car from the USA has introduced the upgraded version of the supercar Ariel Atom 2 with incredible power of 700 horsepower. Ariel Atom 700 was developed based on the prototype Ariel Atom 2 with the Ecotec 2.0L engine. To get the power equivalent to 700 horses, DDMWorks added an Ecotec 2.0L engine booster pump and a supercharger, this time the power ratio / cylinder capacity of 350 kW / 1 liter , impressive! To ensure stable engine, DDMWorks also changed some details inside of the cylinder liner as Darton Mid, ceramic coated Wiseco pistons, Carrillo H-beam rods, ARP hardware engine ... provided by the fuel injection system and a pump Aeromotive 1.100cc 1000. A cooling system air / water used to cool the output of the supercharger with the large air-cooled cooling air from the turbocharger. Both coolers are two products of Griffin Thermal Products. A point on the impression that the Ariel Atom is extremely light weight. 700 Ariel Atom supercar weighs just 657 kg. Thus the rate of capacity / weight of the vehicle is 1065 kW / ton, more powerful than the Bugatti Veyron supercar and many other top. To increase stability and maximize the power of the Ariel Atom 700, DDMWorks chose Toyo R888 tires rear and front wheels 275mm wide 225mm wide, combined with 17x9inch wheels. Sometimes we do not need the power of 700 horsepower, so DDMWorks has launched the effort three options are 450, 575 and 700 horsepower. Especially the driver can adjust the power level when driving. There is currently no information on the vehicle's performance when running the test. However, you can imagine a bit to learn that the original Ariel Atom was able to accelerate from 0-100km / h in 2.9 seconds, although much lower power.   $ ("# Galleria_1195343308"). Galleria ({width: 490,height: 500,maxScaleRatio: 1,preload: 3,idleMode: false,trueFullscreen: false,}); Source: autoblogAttachments:01-DDM-works-ariel-atom.jpegFile size: 117.4 KBViews: 004-DDM-works-ariel-atom.jpegFile size: 139.3 KBViews: 0


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