RIM plans to continue considering BB10 licensed, will develop a reference design

RIM plans to continue considering BB10 licensed, will develop a reference design
The Research in Motion has prompted the licensed operating system BlackBerry 10 (BB10) for other hardware manufacturers are not actually new. Since receiving the highest executive chair, CEO Thorstein Heins has modified the plan refers to this as a strategy to create momentum for the recovery of the RIM. However, in a recent interview with the Telegraph newspaper executives has revealed more interesting information related to common strategic platform to market BB10.   First, Thorstein reiterated his earlier statement that RIM's financial condition remains stable, and RIM itself is in the right direction. He said that "RIM is working with financial experts to assess the results of the alternative operating system licensed BB10". According to Thorstein, RIM is in the critical time of transfer, when the demand for a new platform is vital to the development of the company. RIM's problem lies in its lack of a needed boost. "We do not have abundant resources such as Microsoft ... we only have a single bet, so we want it to be very successful. RIM does not want to take steps to pouring drinks and not run to nowhere, "said Thorstein speech.   An operating system or, better to have few, if not a lot of hardware just to use it, is a product failure. Unlike Microsoft, which only software developers, RIM is now to produce both software and hardware. Thorstein RIM winded when admitted to "2 hand two guns" like this. "We do not have economies of scale to compete with competitors can give birth 60 units / year. We have to differentiate, and develop a platform with a high concentration. To provide BB10 to grant consumers better, RIM may have to resort to a partner has the advantage over our cost. time now, we have a plan in hand, and the evaluation process is being implementation ".   The ability to license the software for increasingly higher BB10 Thorstein said RIM can produce reference products for partners interested in the future. "One possibility is that we will develop the reference system, including software and hardware optimization. After that, we will license the design, so that the other manufacturers hardware development in line with the reference product. This plan can be applied to the BlackBerry or other products are developed on the BlackBerry platform. "   One problem is equally important, according to Thorstein's, is "not abandon our customers." Users of RIM's products are to be patient with lines 7 to BlackBerry devices early next year, when BB10 was officially submitted to the market.   Source: SlashGear ...


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