Microsoft registered the copyright to use Kinect 3D maps and video

Microsoft registered the copyright to use Kinect 3D maps and video
A description of the image based gaming 3D map thanks to KinectWe've seen a lot of sensor applications besides Microsoft Kinect gaming, and now Microsoft plans followed this success with two new patents registered. Copyright first description of the use of cameras to record the depth map (3D) form a frame when the user holding the device and scan it all around. The company said the technology will use the infrared sensor of the Kinect or two cameras placed side by side (stereoscopic) to record images at a rate of 20fps, thereby building up the map as desired. The changes in the environment will also be updated in real time on the map above. Microsoft does not mention any specific equipment that will be integrated with this license, but the company says that it can be applied to virtual reality game or take advantage of automation control. The integration of a graphics processor with the sensors will help reduce errors that may occur in real time. Patents filed Monday that Microsoft offers is related to the collection and editing. A depth sensor (Kinect for example) will be used to record images of virtual objects in the environment (for instance, Microsoft is in the living room). It also included the movements of the actors to then create a video based on that action. The company said the director could watch his back "from the Perspective of a virtual camera" and then select record for editing later. The video editing will be done through hand gestures. According to Engadget, USPTO (1), (2)


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