[Research] Using WiFi waves to see through walls

[Research] Using WiFi waves to see through walls
Looking through the wall - it seemed like only happens in the fantasy film, coming most likely will come true. Accordingly, the two researchers Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty of the University of London has created the first device that can detect the movements of the other side wall via WiFi waves, so the machine can operate at anywhere as long as a WiFi signal. More specifically the principle of operation, similar to machines used in military radar, the device takes advantage of the Doppler effect *? to be able to detect movement through changes in frequency and wavelength of sound waves. According to the two inventors, the device includes a video receiver and two antennas and a signal processing unit, which helped construct the system can monitor and control the original frequency of the WiFi network , so just any change in frequency, the machine will detect the respective motion. In recent tests, the developers said that the machine can precisely position coordinates, speed and direction of a person standing on the other side wall. In addition, the features of this device is that it does not emit any sound waves that, so others can not detect you're being watched or not. Finally Woodbridge said with the ongoing development of today's technology, he and his team will try to add a few more advanced features on this device, specifically detects the person monitor stand or sit through a heartbeat. Regarding intended use, the device can be applied and provide the first test in the army, police and counterterrorism forces. * Doppler effect: is a physical effects, including the frequency and wavelength of sound waves, electromagnetic waves or waves in general be changed when the source of wave motion relative to the observer. According to Popular Science, Wikipedia ...


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