Hanson Robotics Zeno introduced a new generation robot with artificial intelligence

Hanson Robotics Zeno introduced a new generation robot with artificial intelligence
September 2007, the same company Hanson Robotics Software Massive Software have partnered to develop towards Zeno robot toy market at a price of $ 300. Zeno 43 cm tall when standing and moving beyond the range, Zeno owns an artificial intelligence makes it possible eye contact, observe, listen, talk and remember you are one. After 5 years, recently, Hanson has just published a video on YouTube to introduce the latest version of Zeno about to be produced. As part of the product line RoboKind Hanson, Zeno new generation has many similarities with the original Zeno. Still own body, but the first robot designed to look more human. Zeno's head made from a material that Hanson Robotics called "Frubber" - allowing you to see the show like a human. However, through video, facial robot movements seem limited to lips and eyes. Hanson Robotics video posted on YouTube is not aimed at selling Zeno which is to attract investment when the company demonstrated many features of the robot. The new version of Zeno 67 cm high and instead is controlled wirelessly by a computer, this version is built computers and software artificial brain. After the eye sockets, Zeno is equipped with two high-resolution camera for facial recognition and body can move 37 degrees. Zeno's open platform allows users to customize, but before that, the robot has been programmed a number of functions as well as the ability to speak 26 languages. In the video, Hanson Robotics suggesting the possibility of a "conversation" and "compassion" of Zeno. In addition, the robot also performed "knowledge" with their ability to provide solutions and answer questions. In the end of the video, we can see Zeno answer questions related to astronomy, sports and movies. In August this year, Hanson Robotics will release version of Zeno woman named Alice. Although the price has not been disclosed, but the robot product line of Hanson RoboKind is the highest price is $ 16,750. However, the company is determined to bring products to major markets and plans to release the robot model "brothers" of Zeno with smaller and cheaper than in 2013.   By: Gizmag ...


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