Pair the sun - water filtering solution with low cost effective

Pair the sun - water filtering solution with low cost effective
An ordinary man can starve to more than a week, but could not drink more than 5 days. From the country that can always be a most essential needs of man, whether thirsty or not we should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. But it is too expensive for the region such as Africa, near Sahara desert, where water is more valuable than gold. There have been many support organizations stand out in the purchase of water purification equipment but most of them are too expensive and do not bring high convenience. The catch is that, two scientists Triest Ryan Lynch and Marcus came up with the idea have developed a pair of absorption of sunlight to filter water with very cheap price.   To be more specific about the mechanism of action, a pair of solar still * use SODIS method to filter water. SODIS similar solution, this bag still use thermoplastic bottles (also called polyester) full containers of untreated waste water and then put the bottle out of sunlight. Result after direct contact with UV-A radiation of the sun, most of the harmful pathogens in water are destroyed and water will become more secure.   However, the difference of the pair that is the ability to filter a large volume of water. Typically, the SODIS method using polyester plastic bottles can only be 3 liters of filtered water for 6 hours when direct sunlight. Meanwhile pair of sun, so is made up of two transparent plastic material - helps to optimize the UV-A radiation projector on, and black plastic - black absorbs heat can best it will accelerate the purification process, so this bag can filter 9.4 liters of water for 6 hours, more than 3 times the normal solution SODIS.   In addition, a convenient point of this device is highly mobile. Users can take it everywhere as a normal briefcase, and when thirsty just open the tap on the back of the bottom of the pair to get clean water. Also, for those who want clean water immediately without waiting, Lynch and Triest has also provided alternative: an inflatable attached to the filter - can clean dirty water in the very short time.   Finally, each pair of sun is expected to cost $ 5 (over 100 thousand USD). The two scientists have not confirmed that they will mass-produce this device or not, but we should hope it will soon be sold on the market, because prices are so low, the world will not have seen millions of people die every year due to lack of clean water.   * SODIS method: a water treatment method based on the mechanism of killing microorganisms through resonance effects of ultraviolet and infrared rays in sunlight. This method has many advantages such as simple, easy to use and cheaper so that anyone can use.      $ ("# Galleria_63809883"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });     Refer to Gizmag, Internet ...


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