FDA-approved drug containing electronic sensors-can-eat-is to help monitor the process of taking

FDA-approved drug containing electronic sensors-can-eat-is to help monitor the process of taking
Not everyone of us can also take medication on time and data, particularly for diseases of high strict requirements on time as drug-resistant TB, diabetes ... or the right dose of antibiotics as the increasingly important issue. And this is where the scientific and technical achievements possible new entrants. Recently, the Department of the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) has approved the company Proteus Digital Health integrated marketing and placebo products integrated with microchip-can-eat-allowed doctors / relative track time / dose the patient. It is known that this is the first sensor-can-eat is the approval agency and allows marketing and sales market.   Small size grains only, the sensor can-can-eat-this is not a small chip composed of silicon, magnesium and copper. When ingested, the gastric fluid will affect the sensor causing it to produce a small voltage. Thus, a signal will be routed through body tissue to patch (attached) on human skin and drink. This patch will forward information on dosage and timing of medication to an application on your phone the supervisor (or family doctor - the transition of course the patient must be allowed) and display information on it. It is known that the skin patch is attached to forward both heart rate, posture and state of rest / activity of the patient. On the microchip in the stomach, after the completion of tasks, a few minutes, the microchip will automatically break down and left behind nothing but a few minerals (magnesium, copper, silicon) in the world.   Currently, only the placebo - a drug that does not work nothing but make patients comfortable psychologically - contain microchips are FDA allowed by the study clearly demonstrate the safety and efficacy of this device. However, Proteus Digital Health hopes the FDA will make a decision similar to other drugs with this microchip their integration in the near future. The company also said that besides the type of equipment, they also plan to develop alternatives to blood tests, taken CAT / MRI and devices implanted under the skin helps the ECG or automatic injection into the be controlled using the smartphone via wireless signals.   The prospects of application of this type of sensor can-can-eat besides integrated into pharmaceuticals, can imagine a future where all food sold in the market were associated with this type of sensor information the nutrients available in the software. At this nutrient in the diet will be controlled via your own smartphone. Her vision prompted Siri Virtual Assistant "Hey, you're missing that beta carotene, carrots for something to eat" perfectly possible is not it?   Source: Nature, Proteus Digital Health ...


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