LXDE: Complete replacement for Windows XP?

LXDE: Complete replacement for Windows XP?
Previously, he @ J_Android showed damage to you in this environment KDE KDE: a great alternative for Windows?. But KDE is pretty much the same advantages as he said @ J_Android but it also has many disadvantages: longer running slow (on the average machine configuration), occasional program crashes .... Today, I introduce to you a Pure LXDE desktop environment, this interface is based on Openbox and XFCE, KDE bring feel of it is to bring the user interface for Windows!   I also was a fan of GNOME and KDE, but because the new version of the desktop environment is more severe and unstable, in addition to the Ubuntu Unity also consistent with the tablet. There are also other light environment is XFCE also bring similar problems. LXDE is quite mild, consistent with the netbook, while Windows XP no longer supports newer computer, so that's why I LXDE experience!   LXDE is known as ultra-light desktop environment. Currently, LXDE is used in many current linux distro like Ubuntu (Lubuntu), LXDE Fedora, Linux Mint LXDE, LXDE OpenSUSE .... Lubuntu is most stable. After the installation process Lubuntu (version 4.12 LTS) take 20 minutes, then I feel for LXDE is light and simple, similar to Windows XP, it is not suitable for those who prefer a slick on KDE. Depending on the LXDE interface is very low, so do not expect anything about the theme for its installation.   Configuration requirements for LXDE is quite low: intel celeron chip and above, 128MB RAM, 3GB free disk space, much like Windows XP.   Here's my loss for people on Lubuntu some pictures from my computer!   A. Desktop Since bearing and feel of Windows XP is simplified to the maximum level should LXDE has some very similar to Windows XP but with Workspace, LXDE have to. LXDE is only 2 types of traditional desktop icon format and netbook-tablet, no widgets, also does not support dock should also cause quite disappointed with you. Desktop UI icon   UI-tablet Netbook   The software for office, study, entertainment simpler, fully equipped with internet, if you want to install, use Lubuntu Software Center   Launcher bar very similar to the classic start on Windows XP   Scientific file manager, like Windows Explorer on Windows 7   2.Ung use On LXDE provides three Office applications is Abiword (word), Gnumberic (Exel), and LXDE Document Viewer (read PDF), if desired, you can install the Software Center LibreOffice to improve.   Applied to music, movies: Audacious, Mplayer   Unlike the Ubuntu and Kubuntu, the default browser on the Chromium lubuntu should not need to install extra chrome. also want to install Google Chrome, you can add the PPA Google Chrome in Ubuntu Tweak or download from the Chrome home page.   Other applications can be installed from the Software Center   Point of merit is the benchmark designs built, have the ability to benchmark comparison with other devices:   Setting is quite simple, built-in launcher, users can manually select the required settings:   Currently, relatively little interface on LXDE, install the dock does not support except pity point in the customization of LXDE.   concludes with the ability to better support all computer configuration most major computer configuration, good performance can LXDE completely replace Windows XP, Windows XP is going to stop supporting!   Support 1.ibus-unikey: LXDE built so no need to install ibus, unikey want to install, run Synaptic Software Manager software, find and install ibus-unikey normal. On ibus: Go as you like -> language support -> where ibus input selection. Logout and log back in, run the program and then add unikey tune into ibus is!   Two. Install the font MS Open termial up and type sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts   3. Install anti-virus program (if necessary): LXDE support current antivirus ESET NOD32 with features such as NOD32 for Windows, the installation as follows:   Download: 32-bit 64-bit file extension. Linux   Use Ternimal taken to download directory and then type the command: chmod + x tenfile.linux . / Tenfile.linux   Follow the picture:   finished and press close, run the downloaded file as a normal program and then installed. interface settings: During installation, the program requires you enter key, you can try 30 days or if any key is NOD32 for Windows input, the program has received. Once set up, restart your computer, update and enjoy the time.   4. Install the codec: the codec you can install from the Software Center by typing the word "codec" in the search space and then install normally.   Five. Refine, speed up Lubuntu (Ubuntu and Xubuntu can do the same, is not to try Kubuntu)   Download: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/   ubuntu tweak gives the user a software tweak Ubuntu and accelerate quickly and efficiently, in addition it also helps account for admin rights, install the application is not in the Software Center, additional source software, complete removal Full software .... In summary, when a spare I'll write more detailed article on this particular software!   You can see other screenshots here   Wish you have more fun with LXDE, yourself! ...


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