How to hide and show folders, files in Mac OS

How to hide and show folders, files in Mac OS
Hiding a file or a directory that it seems that pretty much needs you, as the topic Apimac Secret Folder - Hide Folders I wrote 3 years ago but now the PM is often applying " toys. " So this meal different from writing a simple way so that people can apply without having to hire more third-party software. How simple and manipulation by typing commands in Terminal software. The following command is typed in the Terminal.Terminal is a tool available on Mac OS. You can find it in Applications / Utilities or access by typing the name in the Search box at the top right corner Spotlight (magnifying glass)Today I also met a case that somehow the folders in usb storage usb disappear still lost. Can infer the hidden file and have to use this to check. There is a note, if you see a hidden file and not know what it is best not to remove it because usually this is the file system.  Commands, pressing enter after each command: Show all hidden files in the machine:A command: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YesOrder 2: killall FinderHide the new file pops up:1: No defaults write AppleShowAllFiles2: killall FinderEdit a file or a hidden directory:chflags hidden-drag and drop files into the Terminal frame-Edit a file or a folder is hidden into the:chflags nohidden-drag and drop files into the Terminal frame- Access to a file or a folder is hidden:First need to know the path of that folder. So before you need to hide right click on the folder and choose Get InfoIn the Info panel appears with item Where: -> this is the path of the directory. As shown below, the full path is: / Users/Vuhai6/Desktop /! Sample (info missing in the folder name so you need to add)Having in mind the path of a folder that you just go to the Finder menu -> Go -> Go to Folder ....


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