DNA hidden "GPS coordinates" to help determine where the father-mother, or he-she has to live our

DNA hidden
Of the 7 billion people living on Earth, there may be many cases similar as two drops of water, but make sure the population has increased even further, each individual owns their own DNA and no one like one. Further material carrying genetic information is also hidden close relationship between the generations in the same family. Therefore, the decoding of DNA will lead to the history of your family genealogy (now in us, it features a special role paternity father!). However, in recent studies, a group of Israeli and American scientists also do more than that: based on genetic analysis combined with algorithms and building statistical models, they can point out where in that parents, grandparents and our ancestors have lived. It's just like the GPS coordinates you know of someone it will find the exact location where he was standing (GPS error free, several dozens of meters). Through the work published in the journal Nature Genetics, Professor Eran Haperin from Tel AIV University (TAU) and colleagues at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has brought a whole new meaning to the term "genetic map" (genetic mapping). In the article, scientists have described a statistical model of genes characteristic of the regions of the world. On that basis, they developed a method to accurately determine the geographical origin of each individual separately. For example, when decoding a person's DNA, they can compare them with data to indicate he is the father and the mother is the original Paris Barcelona population. This is not the first time the idea of ​​geographic map generation based on the DNA is done, but the method by Israeli scientists have developed a high precision while previous studies led to many false commands.   As explained by the research team, in the genome of a factor called the SNP, because of it we easily distinguish the person's DNA with others. But time may be SNP mutations and this process occurs over a wide area in a certain community population. Probability that the SNP mutation is different in each person, but it depends largely on their geographic origin. Professor Eran for more added: "At first we want to know the probability of a mutation occurs in a location on the genome depends on how the human habitat. But after considering locations gene mutations occur in an overall picture of the survey, we found that the community would have descended from the same type of mutation. "   Scientists sampled the DNA of people living in Europe in 1157 to test his methods. They applied the mathematical model previously developed, combining the algorithm with probability input data to determine the origin of these people. The genetic information that the computer makes will lead to two points on a map, that's where everyone's parents surveyed born. Research results also indicate some characteristic changes in the geographical map of the gene. Specifically, genetic mutation that causes the allergy usually appear more in southern Europe, while there are few recorded cases of this mutant form of the old continent to the north.   Due to the high reliability, the method of Professor Eran is a prerequisite for application in anthropological studies, for example, consider the disease affects a particular community. The scientists plan further to determine the origin of their grandparents and detail of a person. They also believe the same model will be extended to the animal to indicate the migratory process in history.   Source: Tel Aviv University ...


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