Apple accused of violating the regulations Samsung FRAND common standard patent

Apple accused of violating the regulations Samsung FRAND common standard patent
In oral arguments this morning, two witnesses have accused Apple of Samsung does not warrant a courtesy to the patent under the general standard of the telecommunications industry, and the FRAND violations. At the heart of the problem lies in two patents Samsung UMTS technology, has been mentioned in reports yesterday. In 2005, Samsung conduct lobbying for changes in the 3GPP standard. Based on Samsung's agreement with the management of this standard, the Korean electronics companies to disclose all intellectual property rights Samsung have in hand before the changes take effect. However, according to witnesses Michael Walker of Apple, Samsung did not do exactly what was said. 3GPP stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project, is called a collaboration between groups of telecommunications associations. Original scope of 3GPP is to ensure that telecommunications technology on 3G mobile phones are popular globally, based on the GSM network. After this, the 3GPP standard has been expanded to include activities to develop and maintain networks GSM (including GPRS and EDGE), 3G and higher, and the IMS system. Michael has pointed out many patents owned by Samsung long before the changes in the 3GPP standard is applied. However, the Korean electronics firms are not public ownership of a patent for 11 months after the time change, and a patent for another delay period up to two years.   Samsung's lawyer Charles Verhoeven argued that Samsung has never been investigated for the delay or non-public ownership of patents. The company also announced in 1998 that Samsung will provide all of the common standard patent, as signed commitments. Charles pointed out that the definition of "intellectual property" given by the competent authorities do not include confidential information. If Samsung's patented beginning of its property and security, where the firm must comply with public clearly. Michael does not agree with this argument, "if so, he can not use it for the 3GPP standard."   Plaintiffs further attacks Samsung, alleging the company failed to abide by regulations issued FRAND negotiations with Apple patents. Richard Donaldson expert witnesses recall problem Samsung have licensed the patent fee standard with fair, reasonable and non discriminatory (FRAND abbreviation). Richard asked if a fee of 2.4% / Samsung devices that Apple suggested in 2011 that the provisions of FRAND or not. "No" answer from Richard "I think this is a discrimination."   Apple then invite a number of other witnesses. Today is the last day for both Apple and Samsung to present all their evidence, including evidence of export words Seung-Ho Ahn, one of the senior executives of Samsung's patents. When asked if Seung-Ho has to consolidate the basis for the 2.4% figure that Samsung wants royalties from Apple or not, he replied "on an individual basis, I do not have."   Source: The verge ...


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