Why have email @ symbol?

Why have email @ symbol?
Along with the development of the Internet, email has long become a means of communication simple, convenient and fast for most users. Although not the creator Ray Tomlinson invented email but some components in the email from the early days, one of which is the character @ (a handcuffed). Along with the username and email services provide the @ character is one of the three components must be in an email address. It is used to distinguish the user name with email service provider (which may be gmail.com, outlook.com, facebook.com, icloud.com ...).   According to Ray Tomlinson, @ represents the preposition and the @ then the user will not be confused by the name of the user. "Tomlinson looked down and think the keyboard should choose characters to avoid confusion with the user name". Then @ has been selected as this is his character that the user never added to the name of them all. Tomlinson's call @ single word on the keyboard (in english @ is pronounced 'at').   @ Character never appeared unclear and we have many theories about the birth of @. The Italians said that they used in the 16th Century @ commerce and trade. Meanwhile, the Spanish and Portuguese have used the character @ is shorthand for 'arroba', a unit of weight by about 11kg. Today, @ not only used in the email address that it is quite common on social networks like Twitter or Facebook when we want to mention someone. Honda motorcycle is to use the @ name of a popular scooter models before.   Source: Wired, Gizmodo, Wikipedia ...


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