[Video] Demonstration of the Ubuntu operating system for Android

[Video] Demonstration of the Ubuntu operating system for Android
Earlier this year, Canonical introduced a modified version of Ubuntu to run on the Android phones are multi-processors. "Ubuntu for Android" will bring the experience of a full Linux operating system, running parallel with Android, able to share contacts, instant messaging and other services between the two operating systems. Users can also run Android applications in the Ubuntu interface. A short video about the features of this operating system was recorded at the International Forum on Brazil recently held software will give us more specific views about Ubuntu for Android.   The machine is used in this demonstration is Motorola Atrix. After connecting to the dock, Ubuntu pre-installed on this smartphone will run up and display external monitor via the HDMI connection. This means that users will have access to many real software for desktop computers with higher performance than the application on the phone (of course software for Linux). This idea is quite similar to Motorola's Webtop, but Canonical offers a full Ubuntu OS on here than just a small Linux OS. In the video, the device works pretty well smooth. The demonstration using mouse and keyboard left to do the work in Ubuntu, just as they are operating on a normal computer. Invite people to look at this video.   Source: PocketNow Attachments: Ubuntu for Android.jpg File size: 45.2 KB Views: 0 ...


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