Ultra-fast laser speeds - new therapies help treat brain cancer

Ultra-fast laser speeds - new therapies help treat brain cancer
Life expectancy of people is increasingly enhanced by the outstanding development of medicine, not only that they want to progress to immortality as the characters in the film "Avatar." However, whether human longevity is not as incurable diseases such as AIDS, cancer do not have a treatment that thoroughly. There were many but all therapy does not bring 100% success rate as expected. Understanding this urgent problem, researchers at the University of Tennessee has developed a laser light with super fast speed?, Is known as a therapy for brain cancer without surgery or through natural holes such as nose, mouth, vagina, anus, ...   Specifically, this technology will find and destroy the tumor with laser light at a rate of one thousand million million seconds. With such high speed, laser will be easy to enlarge a specific area to be able to search and display the correct image of the tumor. Moreover, even in areas difficult to access locations, the technology uses extremely short pulses with high intensity radiation. So once the cancer is determined, just from extremely intense laser radiation is enough to burn tumors.   Advantage of the benefits of laser radiation which is high accuracy and efficiency than any other cancer treatments with a knife or laser surgery full of chance and pain today.   "Because the laser radiation reaching a speed quadrillion seconds so it can be? Correctly convergence both in space and time, because the speed is too fast so the other parts will not be burned heated by laser light, "said physicist Parigger. "Using laser pulses longer than similar catch a warm heat lamp but can cause damage to other healthy tissues," Parigger explain why this technology to use laser light pulses.   In particular new technologies consistent with the treatment of brain cancer patients by mechanism of its image can give us a clearer look inside the skull tumors without surgery. It does not need to take a brain surgeon to see the condition, the health of the nervous tissue will not be affected. Therefore, this technology overcomes the limitations of conventional photodynamic therapy (cancer treatment with light) and painful surgery - the method requires the patient but persistent is effective is not clear.   Finally, along with support from research funds of the university? Ten? Nessee, the researchers said they are working hard to bring this device to market as soon as possible . This is seen as new hope for those suffering the torment of the evil diseases of cancer - the disease caused 7.1 million deaths worldwide every year.     According to Gizmag ...


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