[The idea] Vali rug pulled integrated mobile platform

[The idea] Vali rug pulled integrated mobile platform
Not at all times and all places in your travels with the chair to rest the meantime, sometimes you have to sit on the main drag that suitcase to take with you. The idea of ​​a student at art school Calofornia can solve this problem by a carpet mounted directly onto the luggage container. Accessories idea called whale tail, from its style, though not enough to tilt the back but it is especially appropriate in trips with children, help create a little space to relax for young children. When folded, this orange carpet in the back of the suitcase is pulled and when it is spread out enough space for one adult and one child. Design student, said it will trim the whale tail to help a father, a mother can sit, leaning back into the suitcase and dang legs to prevent young children crawl on the ground. So great was the suitcase tourism groups have this form, they can make a small yard for many members.             Source: Fastcodesign, Gizmodo ...


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