[The hand] Emotiv - Equipment wireless reading brain waves $ 300

[The hand] Emotiv - Equipment wireless reading brain waves $ 300
Often we have seen many hands on the smartphone, tablet, computer types, speakers, headphones, there is a bit strange motorcycles, cars, refrigerators. But today, Ken will send share with you a strange device above all things mentioned above, it is Emotiv brain wave reader. The machine was designed by Tan Le, a Vietnamese American, and at first surprising is that she studied Law and Commerce, not education or biomedical engineering. Below are all on the hands of Ken, invite you to see.   Instead of doing a video review Ken Ken thought it would great if you watch the video below, when Tan Le demo presentation in international conferences TED. As I will explain briefly the features of this device. Emotiv is a complex set of sensors used to measure the electrical impulses generated when the brain thinking. In particular, its price is only $ 300, suitable for end consumers and not expensive thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, but the specialized machinery before. It works wirelessly, and only takes a few minutes to wear very convenient for us.   To use Emotiv, we need some software on your computer. This application has the ability to simulate some thoughts in our heads and then present it to an object on the screen (orange box in the upper arm is below this object). More broadly, the programmer can use the Emotiv same programming functions (API) to build virtual reality applications or any software that can be used to control thoughts, no need to click.   Video with Vietnamese subtitles After the ship, opened the box it looks very similar to the basket rather than technology, because most of the details made of plastic, I think if one layer of more luxurious it will look like in the film department supplies than fiction. Here are a few open box pictures and details about Emotiv.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_153161960"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });             Galleria.run ('# galleria_153161960');     Initial Comments:   I must say that initially quite panic when Ken opened the box and saw all the plastic frame of Emotiv seem fragile and should think it weak, afraid, it sprung up to break away, because wearing it to wear similar wearing headphones, but when worn tentative was very comfortable. The publication ends strong but not uncomfortable, worn at a time without pain. When the mirror wearing it felt very like Superman did.   Next was a bit worried when reading the instructions. Since reading the instructions will make sense of this is just for "developer", which is difficult to spend.   First, it relies on the exposure of the ends to the scalp. That is, if they shave their heads will work best. Second, the small button to be exposed to a special saline + Lomb BAUSCH the new run. However, this solution can be purchased at pharmacies fairly easy and cheap, or do they spend with the salt solution also. Its purpose is only to be exposed scalp better and electrical conductivity on the ends only. Sodium is quite light, and is not harmful even when exposed to the human eye. Based on this, if you do not shave their heads, then the best way is to embed the head very raw brass salt water and then put onto the network.   Use:   But say so, but when using it that is pretty easy. The most difficult piece is worn on the network so that the ends in place, especially to self-manipulation alone, however, takes 2 minutes, Ken also makes it in the correct position.   Use this procedure: Installing the program disk Emotiv Charging according to the instructions first. Plug the receiver into your USB port, run the program Emotiv. Wear on equipment, properly adjusted. Create a new user. Observe the button position, adjusted so that all the green buttons are on the program is ok. Practice and make use of such video. * Scalability: For developers, the source code of the product our website to learn more. Good application for the app you want to do virtual reality, and many applications "science fiction" other real life.   The most difficult step: as mentioned, are the first steps to the signal button that displays on the screen is all green. I tried to adjust the node how many forms for you to observe: Black = not signal, Red = weak signal, Yellow = passable, Green = good.     First, there is not enough proof your solution conductivity on the contact button, making contact with signal scalp wrong. The second reason is: the buttons are offset, or not in place as a guide. Resolving a few seconds is finished, then you get good signal, as shown below. Then we can continue to use.     You can observe or emotional expression through virtual face on the screen.   Here's a chart brain waves, orange line represents the excitement or calm, gray line shows no interest in such problems. Finally, the blue, showing the reflection.   This is thought to use the local control cam moves. This figure is just below its standard state.   This is my superman, I pushed it away a little.   Here's a drag to the left   This exciting role: to vanish. You are just one game tired brain, I have not done it completely lost, because the mind which has been concentrated to click screen capture again, so hard to do.   Summary:   Equipment Price: $ 299. This is the price is cheap compared to what it was. Entertainment: This is a very interesting application, we tend to compare each other's brain, so if your friends do compete very happy together. Development: In addition to fun, this is a great potential applications in the virtual reality world app. The people in Vietnam have not launched any app based on this device. New land is still fertile, and the creation of the world that Vietnam has always surprised. Hopefully we will soon have a new virtual reality experience, the variable "science fiction" is history. ...


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