The designer Susan Kare was invited back to court

The designer Susan Kare was invited back to court
Last week, we have the opportunity to hear the testimony of Susan Kare gate, a designer had to work four years time at Apple. Today, Apple has invited Susan Kare back to court for a judgment of the export certificates designed by Samsung. Specifically, Susan does not agree with Jeeyeun Wang, who once said that Samsung selected headphone design on the classic green for phone applications purely by functional requirements.   "The key on the touch screen that is to have a destination to determine your fingers touch," Susan said when asked about the background of the application. "This factor should not be restrictive, it is an option, not necessarily a requirement."   Rachel Krevans Apple's lawyers questioned going into the shape of the background applications. IOS operating system design applications using a box with rounded corners - which the company designed for the Samsung has deliberately copied. Susan said that this design is not the only options. Platforms used "metaphorically to show real physical buttons," Susan said, and on the market today are "full of design applications, from oval, round to square."   Susan also disagreed with the view that the use of ear tubes to represent the classic calling application is the only feasible plan. "It might be a numeric keypad, or the shape of a mobile phone for example," she said. In the import of their testimony, Jeeyeun said Samsung has seriously considered the alternatives as Susan said, but the final plan was chosen because it is easily the most recognizable user. Susan offers two products, Pantech HotShot and BlackBerry Storm, for example to design products with other Apple logo while ensuring functional requirements.   Samsung's lawyer countered Charles Verhoeven review of Susan on usability, asking questions, "she did not consider the behavior of the icons, right" - when asked about the related research of Susan to the application icon. Susan's answer to this question is no. If you remember, almost the entire first part of the export certificate Susan has focused on whether the application icon Apple and Samsung are the same or not.   Source: The verge ...


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