Samsung starts mass production of memory chips eMMC world's fastest

Samsung starts mass production of memory chips eMMC world's fastest
Samsung has released announced that it has begun to put into mass production of memory chips "super fast" for mobile devices with storage capacity 16, 32 or 64GB. Chip eMMC (embedded multimedia card) Pro Class 1500 promises to bring speed data access fastest on the market for a memory device embedded. Specifically, Samsung's products can read and write 50MB/giay 140MB/giay, and speed random read and write respectively 3500/1500 IOPS (inputs and outputs per second), faster than previous generation four times eMMC . Pro Class 1500 64GB NAND technology with DDR 2.0 interface Toogle 20nm line. There is also accompanied by the controller and "firmware smart" help boost chip performance.   Korean electronics company said memory chip eMMC Pro Class 1500 can serve many different needs, such as web browsing, multitasking, HD recording and playback 3D movies, virtual reality and interactive games with the high quality images. To meet the demand for mobile devices gets thinner, which offers three options eMMC with the "package" includes two, four or eight memory chips. Samsung says 64GB product with only 1.2 mm thin and weighs only 0.6 g. eMMC Pro Class 1500 is also the first memory chip configured to support e-MMC 4.5 of the JEDEC (the Association of the standard for electronic equipment) to help improve performance, power-saving capabilities, the security for memory.   Toogle-mode DDR NAND storage solutions is a new interface using two sets of input / output according to the principle of data queries (Data Query Strobe - DQR) to speed read and write to memory chips. Toogle-mode NAND is backward compatible with SDR Legacy NAND chip should be more convenient for the manufacturer of the switch. Toogle mode DDR technology also enables NAND chip consumes less power, only from 1.8 V to 3.3 V. See more on all Samsung's 512GB SSDs use NAND chip DDR Toogle. According to Samsung Tomorrow ...


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