Samsung said that Apple has been inspired from phone design their products

Samsung said that Apple has been inspired from phone design their products
Samsung SGH-E910In the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, the Korean manufacturer has just revealed a few e-mails between iPod chief Tony Fadell, and a few other senior personnel such as Steve Jobs of Apple, Jonathan Ive. The contents of this letter about phone SGH-E910 "fashionphone" company by Samsung and Bang & Olufsen audio production cooperation in 2005. Fadell commented SGH-E910 has a strange hold the camera, but the keyboard layout rounded clusters "seems quite comfortable." After watching, mail Jobs sent back to Ive and designer Bas Ording to say that "This may be our answer - we can set the number keys around the click wheel". This suggests that Apple had plans to develop phones based on its existing line of iPod.Despite attention to Samsung products but Jobs did not agree with the button layout of the Korean manufacturer. Instead, Jobs wanted to rearrange the keys of the clock, ie the location of the keys 3, 6, 9 located in the quadrant of the circle. Particularly the 12 is replaced by the * key. He also suggested that Apple's products should be designed for users to read the letters in the normal posture of holding, in particular against the SGH-E910 and plans can think of vertically arranged of the key.Samsung's goal when giving this evidence it is because it wants the court whether Apple has also inspired the design of the Samsung, although not long after that Apple had canceled its intention to build an iPhone based on iPod and transfer directed to a device with touch screen. It is unclear the judge's response to this evidence out why. The trial is still more continuous, and will certainly also many other interesting facts appear in the future. Proceed along monitoring of this litigation.The contents of internal Apple email that Samsung revealedIn the video introduction of the iPhone in 2007 Steve Jobs mentioned that the iPod with a keyboard below the circle as a joke. According to the verge


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