Samsung makes angry judge refused to send proof to the press

Samsung makes angry judge refused to send proof to the press
One of the slides that Samsung has sent outWe know through information about the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, but the Korean manufacturer is in trouble in the first day of her trial: Judge Lucy Koh angry because Samsung has sent to the agency some media that bear evidence of the session court litigation. Reportedly, Samsung has had several attempts to use this evidence against Apple, but the court did not allow its use. The document mentions some of the phone design F700 was created several months before the iPhone launch. It also has the presence of some internal Apple email on the company to pursue Sony design style for your smartphone. A few days ago, Samsung has announced that this information because they were denied court. The court said the information that Samsung made too late to be able to verify the service to investigate the proceedings. Apple also recently said that it does not copy the idea of ​​Sony, and Jony iPhone model is in fact just "an exercise" based on a previous prototype. Specific incident, according to the verge, proceed as follows. As Apple describes the profile of F700, Samsung's lawyer said that when Apple made reference to the Samsung F700 also has the right to use the evidence which was denied information on this handset. The company wants the court again reviewed its decision. Of course Koh judge disagreed and asked the general counsel the Samsung is John Quinn sat down. The reporter attended, said Samsung has about 10 times to ask the court to reconsider the above decision. Then Quinn also lawyers "begged the court" but Koh did not mind, she was even saying: "Please do not force me to sanction him." Samsung's move in court requests coming here, had ended, but soon after its re-email the presentation slides on the evidence was rejected (relative to F700 and design style Sony) to the mass media. Judge Koh discovered this, and according to the correspondent of the verge, she was "angry purple people" to see the Samsung press release appeared on the news All Things D. She wanted to know Quinn was involved in this or not, who wrote the press release and who have permission to do this. Then the trial is continuing, but clearly this is an adverse action for Samsung because the judge has made angry. Apple, of course, do not get happy about this. Let's wait and see the latest happenings of one of the largest villages lawsuit ever technology. Check out the slides that were sent to the parties Samsung press  $ ("# Galleria_1993537455"). Galleria ({width: 490,height: 500,maxScaleRatio: 1,preload: 3,idleMode: false,trueFullscreen: false,}); According to the verge, All Things D


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