Q2/2012: over 108 million PC sales, 22% of the tablet, Apple ranked first

Q2/2012: over 108 million PC sales, 22% of the tablet, Apple ranked first
Sales of personal computers of the company in Q2/2012, compared to Q2/2011 Market analysis company Canalys has released a report on the business of computer maker in the world in the last quarter. Total PC was hand delivered to clients, including desktops, laptops and tablet PCs are more than 108.7 million units, up 11.7% over the same period last year and reached a record from ever sold for a quarter. Tablet sales of 24 million units, up 75% over the previous year and accounted for 22% of all personal computers sold in the quarter. PC market continues to experience declines similar dismal recent quarters due to the growth of the tablet.   According to Canalys, iPad new generation has a major impact to the growth in the quarter, to help Apple keep its leading position with 19% of global PC sales. The iPad 2 sold at lower prices and attract more customers access to the tablet market. Asus and Samsung also has a large contribution by the Transformer tablet and Galaxy Tab. In particular, the Samsung is a company with the best selling Android tablet, more than doubled compared to Q2 of 2011. Meanwhile, Asus is its own Android growth fastest machine thanks to the presence of Transformer TF300. This partnership with Google to produce a Nexus 7 also promises the right direction Asus penetrated into the tablet market cheap.   In contrast to the excitement in the tablet market, sales of desktop and laptop continues to witness a decline. Ultrabook not reached the price low enough to appeal to most consumers. Number of PCs running Windows sales account for only 73%, while sales of devices running Intel CPU fall below 70%. However, there are a few bright spots in the notebook market, such as the Lenovo continues to increase its market share thanks to good business in China. Acer also has made good progress compared to the situation worse your business 2 years ago.   HP also has a relatively good situation with the holding of 12% PC market share in hand, second only to Apple, although the number of machine sales are down 11.3% over the same period last year. According to a survey by Canalys, the partners of HP thought that the most strategic parts of its PC and printing will have a positive impact to the business. Internal process of adjustment and restructuring the company also promises to deliver a stable period for HP.   Russia, Germany and the UK is the place to witness the growth, while Germany and Spain are not very satisfactory. Canalys predicts sales of PC companies will increase in the second half this year because many companies interested in advertising through the Olympics. Asia remains the champion of PC consumption in the last quarter with more than 40.2 million units, accounting for 37% share of the world. Standing next Europe - Middle East - Africa, then Latin America and North America.   Talking about the upcoming Windows 8, Canalyst predicted products touchscreen running on this operating system will get the positive response of consumers. Microsoft company request help hardware makers to get a good price to expand Windows tablet capital markets are fairly quiet.   Specific data on the number of machines sold by the 2nd quarter of this year and last year the firm     According to Canalys ...


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