Panasonic profit back in the fiscal quarter 1/2013...

Panasonic profit back in the fiscal quarter 1/2013...
In business reports first fiscal quarter of 2013 released, Panasonic has made a profit again after a long time to bear the losses. During the three months ended June 30 last, Panasonic revenue equal $ 23 billion, it generated a profit of USD 164 million company based in Osaka, Japan this. Compared with a year earlier, the Panasonic suffered negative profit with losses over $ 380 million. Although overall sales decreased 6% on the individual business segments, but the automated system parts (Automotive Systems) grew 71%.   TV is the core businesses and focus of the Panasonic, but its sales continued to decline in the quarter, partly due to plans to cut the sample does not help generate profits for the company. Panasonic recently has initiated its reform objectives clearly and aggressively to help companies profit in future fiscal year 2012 $ 10.2 billion loss.   Source: WSJ


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