MIT automated manufacturing airplanes fly in a narrow environment at high speed

MIT automated manufacturing airplanes fly in a narrow environment at high speed
Typically, the aircraft speed automatic move quite slowly because it takes much computation time parameters based on GPS signals, and requires extensive space flight. Researchers at MIT have recently overcome this drawback Micro Air Vehicle aboard. Model aircraft is equipped with acceleration sensors, gyroscopes and a laser to scan the market extreme surroundings. Thanks to a special payment agreement by Intel Atom processor, the aircraft will determine its position in real time, thereby deciding the route, trajectory, speed, angle to avoid the obstacles material constraints, whether the space around is narrow. Of course, it is able to fly home because you do not need GPS.   MIT revealed that their planes are very much customized to carry a series of advanced hardware while keeping the weight only 2kg. The wingspan of 2m wide by Micro Air Vehicle that can fly fast, unlike some previous aircraft used the short arm. The study said MIT had received appreciation from Oxford University as well as automation community in the world because of a flight vehicles with high speed in a narrow space remains a leader in infancy. The next feature that the engineers of this ingenious plan to bring up the Micro Air Vehicle is the ability to create a 3D map of the area where the plane flew.   The map on the left is how the Micro Air Vehicle self-positioning themselves in the environment. The yellow bar is the obstacle, while the blue area is the space flight was possible. Regarding practical applications, it can be used in military, rescue, exploring remote areas, meteorological forecast for next two possessions before the camera. It also has great potential replacement for the unmanned aircraft today (which requires that the remote control). In the video below you will see the Micro Air Vehicle in flying extremely fast speed and glide 10cm/giay through all the obstacles in a car garage is only 2.5 m high.     According to Engadget, MIT ...


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