Microsoft could be replaced immediately called Metro this week

Microsoft could be replaced immediately called Metro this week
Perhaps since Windows Phone 7.5 actually emerged in recent years, Metro has become the interface familiar to many people, coming here it will become more popular when Windows 8 launch. But it is unfortunate for the next time maybe the name Metro will no longer be used again. Specifically, an internal documents related to the change of the name Metro Microsoft has been sent to its employees. Accordingly, Microsoft is working with an important strategic partner to take the final decision is to cease using the name "Metro" for Windows 8 and other products from Microsoft in the future. Besides, according to sources, the Windows development team is working together to provide a uniform different names on them this week. In addition, Microsoft also encourages employees to stop calling Metro interface, but instead the name "Windows 8 UI Style". Metro UI is known as the mainstream interface on the line of Microsoft products like Windows Phone, Windows 8 or Zune player. But recently the German company Metro AG named Microsoft sued in the name Metro on and ask Microsoft to stop using the name Metro to describe the interface of the operating system. Perhaps because of the upcoming point release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft does not want to encounter any problems that may affect the launch, so that the best measure is to replace the name Metro by a name other than reasonable. From now until the weekend will probably have another name for the interface on Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8, Tinhte will follow up and update this information. According TheVerge


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