Google Wallet "the clouds" with support Credit cards, Debit

Google Wallet
Today, electronic payment service Google Wallet officially been upgraded with several new enhancements including enhanced security by storing information in the cloud and in particular the support for all types of credit cards ( Credit), debit cards (Debit) by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.   Google Wallet is an electronic wallet software running on mobile phones used to store all information about credit cards, bank cards where you are and can be used to purchase the phone online or in the supermarket . To enhance security, Google Wallet new version will store all your card information on Google's own server with high security, rather than just stored in your phone.   With Google Wallet application (currently only have copies for Android), you can view and manage all of your bank card, add, delete and bill payment card by tapping the phone on the cards NFC in the supermarket. If you accidentally lose your phone, you can use a web browser on your computer to disable the function for which the remote machine to minimize the risk of losing money. In addition, Google Wallet also store all the previous transactions you will ever purchase with Google.   According to Engadget, Google ...


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