Google updates the changes in policies sold on the Google applications Play

Google updates the changes in policies sold on the Google applications Play
In order to limit the junk applications as well as improving the quality of Google application store Play, Google recently sent an email to the programmer about the changes in selling policies posted on the Play application. In this update this policy, there are bound to an application so that it is allowed to appear on Play as not to reveal important information (credit card, personal identification number) of the user, the application images / content-sensitive, intellectual property violations, online betting or a malicious application ... In addition, Google also restricts the programmer to use the application icon or name identical or nearly identical to the existing applications to address copyright issues.   The new policy says developers are not allowed to publish applications to Play if there is duplication of content or application description that contains keywords to increase ranking when users search. Application to send SMS, email ... without the consent of the employer also will be banned. For efficient processing, Google also needs more rigorous application process before the censors, published on Play. The Android application development for interested can read the details in the policy changes here.   Source: Mashable ...


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