Google employees are entitled to favorable treatment even after death

Google employees are entitled to favorable treatment even after death
Page Forbes has revealed a rather interesting secret of Google about possible treatment regime of this company even if its employees have ... died. First of all, Google will continue to pay 50% salary of the deceased within 10 years. If they have dependent children, it will support 1000 USD / month for each child until they are 19 years of age (or age 23 if the child is attending school full up to university). Forbes revealed that the Googler (the company's employees often call themselves so) were 83 years old and still intend to leave.   Laszlo Bock, vice president of human parts of Google, said that the company, said that this sounds crazy because it was not profitable but that's what really is part of the welfare policies of Google for employees who have lost. So those who are entitled to these benefits? The answer is that almost all of Google's 34,000 employees, by a spokesman said that "there is no limit on time (have worked for the company)". Bock said that when someone is working for Google suddenly died, he felt very sad, so companies try our best to help survivors, who are the ones with staff died.   Google is one of the companies with the best treatment regime in the world. At his headquarters, Google arrangement of child care for parents working can secure, the food shall be provided free of charge, not to mention the work environment is extremely comfortable that almost anyone desire to do well in a company like Google. New people with children are also almost fully paid (the father be allowed at 6 weeks, the mothers then leave 18 weeks). HR departments have held periodic surveys to know what employees are thinking, thereby adjusting for reasonable policies. Bock said the company is doing so not because of business interests that it's simply the right thing to do.   According to Forbes Photo:


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