[Explanation] Why most current toilet is made ​​of porcelain

[Explanation] Why most current toilet is made ​​of porcelain
Image only for illustration Growing technology, these devices become more intelligent, all born only to serve human needs. In other words the modern machines have changed the way we communicate, entertain and work, but that there is a "need" another that it can not meet, that is changing the way we go to the bathroom. Over the centuries, most toilets, also known by the name polite than toilet had no significant change in the functions or materials. Is there just a modern toilet hides the pipes, there are many more designs and models, in addition to automatic flushing toilet, emits music, massage spray. However despite how much modern, most are made of porcelain toilet. So the question here is why most of the back is made of porcelain toilet without using other materials? According to Brian Hedlund, senior director of product segment toilet Kohler said the company, a good toilet requires three basic elements: first it must have flushing systems, followed by toilet must be clean, sanitary and capable of good waterproof. Finally, Hedlund said good toilet is toilet to provide, by many people with very heavy weight will sit up, so if toilet fragile, it will crack and very fragile. So it is chosen by ceramic materials can only satisfy three elements. Toilet made of plastic will have a problem? Many people report mixed mixed a little hard plastic metal materials also meet the above factors, whereby the material is made by plastic extrusion and spray several objects. However, according to Hedlund, structure and operation of a toilet is very complex, so production of plastic is extremely expensive - not worth it for an item is responsible for handling the "stuff" does not really very clean from humans. Besides the high cost, durability is a concern when using plastic toilet, the designers specific concerns will be hard plastic that can withstand the weight of the large body weight, results These unfortunate incidents will occur. How about stainless steel, why? Such as plastic does not seem satisfactory, but what about stainless steel, why? very sturdy, low cost and easy to produce, it seemed like an ideal material for the toilet, but the rigidity of which led to a very annoying problem for us all. Accordingly, in winter, tables will be lined with steel on the toilet so numb, making it difficult and missed the "need" the toilet of the user. Plastic and steel do not match, so porcelain has the advantages? Low price: Finally we only have a single choice and optimize the Prophet. Production, porcelain is created by pouring white clay, quartz, kaolin into a mold, then put the mold into the kiln to temperatures between 1280 degrees C to 14 thousand degrees C. Though looks quite complicated but in fact the production of porcelain is very simple and inexpensive, consistent with the complex processes of the toilet. Waterproof and bacteria: Also, is covered by enamel, ceramic tile has the ability to waterproof and prevent bacteria very well, this feature is probably normal and everyone knows it is extremely important for a good toilet . Specifically, the toilet is where the existence of millions of bacteria in both water and waste, so it would be terrible if the materials used on the toilet we consume the bacteria and smell smelly despite repeated washing. Anti-wear and easy cleaning: The market has a lot of detergent for toilet containing chemical solution to remove higher levels, so if you do not want to toilet early, we need to choose materials that are resistant drain well worn: Porcelain enamel and its always good to meet this, it can be easily cleaned, with any cleaning solution without fear of being tarnished or worn. Conclusion: Good and clean bathrooms always make an impression with the user, it also makes the user feel comfortable and a good response because of the "needs" of the self. For these reasons, the mission would still be raw materials are widely used on billions of toilets around the world by the convenience that it brings. Refer to Gizmodo, Internet Google images ...


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