Expert Witness: 50% of respondents thought when looking at Apple Samsung phone

Expert Witness: 50% of respondents thought when looking at Apple Samsung phone
Epic Touch 4G, a Samsung product in the list of violations design In previous hearings, Apple has invited experts to the witness to present the survey results associated with the client to the Apple brand when looking at the design of the iPhone and the iPad. To date, the U.S. electronics manufacturers continue to invite experts announced survey results confused the brand level of the user to see the products of Samsung. The witness named Kent Van Liere said his surveys show that 50% of respondents there is confusion about the brand when exposed to two Samsung products.   In my survey, Kent using 2 of the Samsung Android phone is fascinate and 4G Galaxy S II Epic Touch. The BlackBerry Storm is used as control subjects. He asked respondents to conduct that they relate to the product or brand when looking at these devices. The results showed that 52% of respondents answered when looking at the Apple fascinate, that number of Epic Touch 4G is 51%, while only 14% of respondents mentioning the name of Apple when looking at the Storm.   In the 2nd survey, Kent wanted to measure the user's confusion when he saw the Samsung devices in everyday life. Respondents will view a video, in which the user will use the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a brand logo to be removed, and the other a Samsung name attached. Kent uses a Color Nook to the control subjects. The results of this study is lower than some previous studies: 43% of respondents answered when looking at Apple tablet no brand, and this number decreased to 30% when the Samsung logo is displayed. After subtracting the percentage of respondents answered with Apple Color Nook, final results of this study, respectively 9% and 6%.   The relatively low figures, but Kent is enough to conclude that there is confusion about brand awareness in the market. Not unexpected, Samsung's lawyers countered intense research results of Kent. Price Bill challenged his research methods and content report research results. Bill said that the current status of Apple and Samsung in the market will cause consumer confusion over the nature of the product between two companies. If users see a Burger King hamburger and associated it with McDonald's, this does not mean copying rival Burger King. "I do not understand a very basic thing like that?" Bill asked Kent.   Kent defended his research when he said that eliminating the cognitive effects of natural changes in the market by adding a control object and Nook Color BlackBerry Storm. "If confusion is real nature, it has been excluded by the results of the control group." Source: The verge ...


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