DARPA to develop robots capable of camouflage silicon liquid

DARPA to develop robots capable of camouflage silicon liquid
In addition to the materials used are iron, steel, we also use plastic materials such as silicon to design the robot. DARPA, a research firm defense of the U.S. Defense Department is developing a low-cost robots made of silicon can be used both liquid and air to control the movement, color and temperature to disguise their page in a way that the gecko or do.   In the video below you will see this silicon robot size is very small, only about 2 to using our fingers and move with very slow speed, 40 meters / hour. If the fluid does not carry the speed can be up to 67 meters / hour (up video was shot 5 times fast). When the cow to the land of many stones, it will immediately inject fluid into the body with earth tone colors identical stone, the purpose is to disguise the body just like the gecko. The people are used to power cord for it, including of gas and liquid. But in the future maybe it will contain things that are inside the body.     According to Engadget ...


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