Curiosity landed successfully on Mars surface

Curiosity landed successfully on Mars surface
As previously reported, at 12:32 hours this afternoon in Vietnam means Curiosity Mars probe landed successfully on Mars surface. NASA TV live this great event on home page and sent Curiosity time information was first reported safe landing ship is at full staff at NASA goes wild joy . 2 minutes later, Curiosity transmit first images of the Martian surface, it was amazing. Finally, NASA's efforts paid off, congratulations and congratulate NASA has placed people is extremely important milestone in the history of space exploration. Here are the changes the landing Tweet "divine" the ship's Curiosity:   12:25 - @ Curiosity Rover: Entering Mars' atmosphere. 7. Minutes. Of. Terror. Starts. NOW. (Conduct penetrate the atmosphere of Mars. Mission "7 minutes of terror" began, now!) "7 minutes of terror" is the time to decide the success or failure of Curiosity and in 7 minutes, the ship will faced with challenges beyond Mars's atmosphere safely. 12:25 - @ Curiosity Rover: Guided entry is Begun. Here I go! (Activated navigation system. Go!) 12:29 - Curiosity Rover @: Parachute deployed! Velocity 900 mph. Altitude seven miles. 4 minutes to Mars! (Whatever has sprung! Speed ​​900 miles / hour. Height 7 miles. 4 minutes of landing!) 12:30 - @ Curiosity Rover: Heatshield separation. Next up: Radar must lock on ground (heat shield were separated. Radar prepare target landing position on the ground.) 12:31: @ Curiosity Rover: Backshell separation. It's just you & me now, descent stage. Engage all retrorockets! (Main body spacecraft have separated. Only 2 modules as probes and missile propulsion, lower stage height. Enable all rocket!) 12:32: @ Curiosity Rover: I'm obvious that on the surface of Mars. Crater I AM IN YOU GALE! (It landed safely on the Martian surface. Immediately inside Gale Crater crater has been located) 12:43: @ Curiosity Rover: You asked for pics from my trip. Here you go! My 1st look (of many to come) of my new home ... MARS! (Send the first images of the red planet's surface) 12:47: @ Curiosity Rover: No it did not happen or photo? Well lookee here, I'm casting a shadow on the ground in Mars' Gale crater (Photo of Curiosity ball in the Gale Crater lake)   12:58 "@ Curiosity Rover: It once was one small step ... now it's six big wheels. Here's a look at one of them on the soil of Mars (Curiosity has 6 large wheels and this is one of them)   .... About Curiosity:   Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is a mission to Mars by robot by the aviation agency NASA launched on November 26, 2011. MSL's mission is to provide means of surface exploration Curiosity Mars on August 6, 2012. Curiosity will meet up round Gale Crater lake at about 5:31 UTC time (12:31 now Vietnam). The goal of Curiosity include testing for life on Mars, studies of climate, geology and space data collection missions for human exploration in the future.   Curiosity has doubled in length and weighs 5 times compared with the probes Spirit and Opportunity. It carries a substantial amount of equipment for scientific research 10 times with 2 predecessors. And as announced, Curiosity landed successfully on the crater Gale Crater, near Aeolis mountain Mons on Mars. Curiosity is designed to explore the red planet for at least 687 Earth days (one Martian year) in the range from 5 to 20 km.   The entire module consists of Curiosity: The spacecraft weighs 3893 kg when launched, containing probe Curiosity means 899 kg weight, package system intrusion, lowering and landing weight 2401 kg MEDLI, rocket 390 kg and 539 kg of fuel in the stage directions. Curiosity alone contains 80 kg of scientific equipment when landing on Mars.   MSL is part of the Mars exploration program of NASA and is managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California Institute of Technology Laboratory. MSL mission cost about $ 2.5 billion.   By: Wikipedia ...


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