CorPath 200 - robot system supports cardiovascular surgery, prevents dangerous radiation

CorPath 200 - robot system supports cardiovascular surgery, prevents dangerous radiation
In cardiac surgery, concerns about the risks not only from patients but also medical team. Although equipped modern surgery has helped improve the cardiovascular medicine a lot compared to a previous generation. However, many devices use radiation can be dangerous to everything around them including the surgeon. Therefore, in order to reduce the harmful effects of radiation, robot development company specializing in Vascular Surgery Robot Corindus in Natick, Massachusetts has recently introduced a new system called CorPath 200. This is a catheter system supported by the robot and is used to open up the artery. The particularity of the system is the surgeon sits in an isolation chamber to conduct lead and installation procedures or stent angioplasty ball.   Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) or percutaneous coronary intervention is a procedure in cardiac surgery is used to recover and prevent damage to the heart due to clogged arteries or damaged. This procedure is done by placing a stent or angioplasty ball at the end of a catheter into an aorta, usually in the leg arteries and heart upward. A stent is a mesh tube structure is put into a major artery for reinforcement. While angioplasty ball will be moved to the area in a heart artery blockage and the balloon will inflate to blockade blockage area as well as improve your circulation.   PCI procedures have been implemented very successful and popular use. U.S. alone, each year the doctors have to make time to over 95,000 PCI procedures. However, the only problem is the PCI procedures require the use of X-ray imaging equipment to monitor and control movement of the catheter and the remaining operations in the surgical procedure. The surgeon had to sit next to their patients and less affected by the radiation. Currently, protection measures for the surgeon is to use an apron or jacket with lead. However, clothing lead not bring maximum efficiency themselves can also cause health problems due to heavy weight.   CorPath 200:     CorPath 200 was developed based on industrial applications of nuclear energy. If excess radiation safety to the surrounding area, or stay away and let the robot do the work of man. CorPath support system is the first robot used in installation procedures and stent angioplasty ball. It allows surgeons perform surgery in an isolated cabin in the same room with the lead placed to protect patients from dangerous radiation from X-ray   Through clinical trials, cavity insulation reduces the radiation exposure rate to 95% and the surgeon does not need to wear additional protective clothing. In the isolation chamber, the surgeon will use two corresponding control knob mounting arm catheter as well as other associated equipment. In front of the surgeon is a series of screens allowing them to monitor all operations to ensure the highest accuracy. In addition, the system is integrated touch sensors help the surgeon felt when the catheter is put in and move in the arteries.   Corindus just announced CorPath 200 system last July 25 but the product was rapidly Drug Administration United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed the use of PCI procedures.   Joseph P. Carrozza, medical doctor and director of cardiovascular medicine department at the medical center St. Elizabeth in Boston, said: "With the FDA approval, CorPath system will literally change the way that I'm done. As the cardiac specialist, we perform the procedure with the assistance of X-rays and soon realized that this work will provide us with a very high risk of radiation exposure. In the past, we have to depend on a lead protective clothing to prevent radiation. However, the dressing lead for too long can cause physical injuries such as back pain, fatigue and injury. Now, with the support of the robot in the PCI procedure, we can bring to quality patient care highest in the replacement ball angioplasty and stent to restore blood flow capacity. "   Corindus currently looking to expand CorPath technology can perform surgery on other vessels such as arteries hands, feet, nerves and cardiovascular structural applications.     By: Gizmag ...


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