Confidential business data from Apple and Samsung appear in records lawsuit

Confidential business data from Apple and Samsung appear in records lawsuit
In the course of the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, had a lot of confidential information of both sides were forced to reveal in court, such as designing the iPhone, iPad, the Samsung phones, and today the sales in the U.S.. This document was prepared by Invotex Group, a company that provides financial services in the United States, and by making Samsung lawyer. In the pages of this report refers to the business information of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, 24 models of Samsung smartphones and three family members in the Galaxy Tab.   Typically, when announcing the business situation of the quarter, Apple only mentioned that the data on a global scale. Only when the file appear records, we know it sold 85 million iPhones across the United States since 2007 (years of iPhone launch) until the second quarter of this year, with sales reaching more than $ 50 billion. Also during this period, Apple sold 46 million iPod Touch, earning $ 10.3 billion. On the iPad, there were 34 million units assigned to consumers, from the date of launch of this product since 2010, bringing in $ 19 billion to Apple sales.   Speaking of Samsung, data from 6/2010 to March 6/2012 revealed that it had sold 21.25 million phones, generating $ 7.5 billion revenue. Total sales Galaxy Galaxy Tab Tab and 1.10 in the U.S. market is 1.4 million units, sales of 644 million. The biggest selling smartphone of Samsung is the Galaxy prevail to 2.25 million units, followed by Epic 4G with 1.89 million units. In third place is Epic 4G Touch, a version of the Galaxy S II for Sprint, with 1.67 million units. Profile added that Samsung has sold 4.1 million units Galaxy S II, including all the variations for many different networks in this country. In terms of revenue, Epic 4G brings the most money for the Korean manufacturer: 855 million, from Q3 2010 to Q2 2012.   Page AllThingsD said that lawyers from both companies have tried hard to keep this information secret exposed as little as possible, but it seems their efforts unsuccessful. The judge needs to make sure the above data to determine the damages to the prevailing party, whether it is Samsung or Apple go again.   In addition to financial data, the stakeholders also hold many other secrets yet announced, such as source code, an agreement with third parties. This is what Samsung and Apple believes that plays an important role in the business. Apple even confidential internal survey of customers using the iPhone and the iPad. Judge Lucy Koh disagreed with this requirement, but Apple says it will appeal the decision of Koh.   If interested, you can view the data files in the two images below or here to view PDF files. Detailed statistics of the Apple See detailed data for Samsung According to AllThingsD ...


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