Black Samsung Galaxy S3 image (leaked), soon be coming our way?

Samsung Galaxy S III in black construction is now popping on the (Samsung’s Facebok page). A leaked shot image of Samsung’s product database contains a listing for a Samsung Galaxy S3 version of Smartphone. Some believe that the company was finally coming around, blue its blue colour can and does appear black from certain angles. There is no such word on when it could arrive, but previous accuracy on Galaxy S 3 leaks from Carphone Warehouse database does lend some credence to the possibility it will be released at some point.

Recent image posted to Samsung’s Facebook Pan Pages as part of an Olympics-themed as part of the Olympics event was held in London 2012,now Samsung is now show-of a black variant of Samsung Galaxy S III.

If that’s not indication that Samsung id for-sure going with the color in a future iteration of the phone, it’s instead,” such a poorly color adjusted version of the Pebble Blue version that Samsung should probably fire the Photoshopper responsible,” Ruddocks writes.


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