Average Speed ​​Internet 2.6 Mbps in the world, up 25% from early 2011

Average Speed ​​Internet 2.6 Mbps in the world, up 25% from early 2011
Internet speed up to the national average If you think that the speed of the Internet in recent years is not really stable and fast, perhaps you should think again. According to latest data from Akamai, the average speed of the Internet around the globe reached 2.6 Mbps, up 25% from early 2011. In addition, the average Internet connection speed 13.5 Mbps highest in the first quarter this year, so the maximum network speed has increased 10% are seasonal. Analysts also said many countries in Asia to meet demand because of population and technology, Internet speeds are very high here, can be told to Hong Kong with normal page loading speed up to 49.3 Mbps. In addition, Akamai pointed out that the strong growth of the current network speed is mainly due to the explosion of broadband connections to 10Mbps is considered low. Currently only Denmark, South Korea, Finland, Switzerland and the United States is the country promoting the application of Internet access with super fast speed last year.   While speed Internet becomes increasingly faster, the network speed on mobile devices still slow though HSPA + and LTE technologies have been introduced in several years. We only have a network in Germany offers 6Mbps speed networks to users, are also regarded as the highest speed is used on the phone at the time. However, providers of telecommunications services in the U.S. back to that 2.5 Mbps is the speed most appropriate, because this is a common connection standard in many developed countries around the world.   According to Engadget


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