ARM's 2nd Gen. Mali-T600, T624, T628, T678 GPU Series Review

ARM, the software giant hit the headlines when it announced the launch of its latest edition of generation graphics processing units or GPUs. Called the Mali-T600 GPU Series, the units are based on Midgard architecture and promise to give the user a performance that is 50% better than the previous versions even though it is built using the same silicon components. ARM is able to increase efficiency by the optimization of register transfer level (RTL) and enhancements of architectural minutiae.

You will be able to see the Mali-T624, Mali-T628 and Mali-T678 on new-age TVs, phones and tablets. The compression technique is a first and is instrumental in bettering the performance of the GPU and of increasing battery life. What this means is a time saving space, where you can leave your system switched on and always connected. This is such an important system that the KhronosGroup, a collection of industry bigwigs has adopted this system, for its focus on openness and an open culture. With the presence of ASTC, the user has visibly better quality in both bit rates and pixels than anything available right now.

ARMs MALI-T600 GPU Review

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