Apple launches iOS 6 Beta 4, left YouTube application

Apple launches iOS 6 Beta 4, left YouTube application
Today Apple has released updates manually iOS 6 Beta 4 to developers. The highlight of this upgrade is that Apple has removed the software from YouTube's mobile operating system yourself. This is one of the applications has been since IOS was born. The company said license with Google integrated YouTube app has expired so from now on, we will no longer see the emergence of more applications view this video. However, Apple has said that users can still see a normal YouTube video in Safari, and Google is also developing its own YouTube application to bring up the App Store in the near future.   On the Google, a YouTube spokesperson also confirmed that this official, and said they are working "to bring the best experience possible for YouTube users IOS". Both Apple and Google are not referring to the time that the official YouTube application appears.   No clear reason why the two companies do not continue to extend his contract. It might be because Apple does not want to continue spending money on Google, can also be due to its own independent operating system completely with Google (recently, Apple has replaced Google Maps with its own map data on IOS 6). However, this can be beneficial for us, the end consumer, because if the YouTube become an independent software, it will be updated more frequently than Google without having to wait for Apple launch system new.   Besides, some other changes that Apple has done on IOS 6 Beta 4 includes: Even in the first login, users will be asked to enter information iCloud. Improved security features, including custom content sharing via Bluetooth for each application. Passbook application which adds a new button to link to the App Store. The power button alert feature of the shared calendar is moved to the bottom of the Mail, Contacts, Calendar in Settings Improved mapping data (one-way, satellite images, fonts, additional sites) and work performance of the software. Actuating button "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" in the Settings section allows new applications switch to 3G network when Wi-Fi not working very well. You can see other changes on IOS 6 Beta 4 for part programming.   According to the verge, 9to5Mac, MacRumors ...


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