Apple and Samsung witnesses debated issues in the final days of litigation

Apple and Samsung witnesses debated issues in the final days of litigation
On 17/8 recently as the last day for Apple and Samsung to introduce testimony of witnesses against each other allegations. In the last hour of the session proceedings, many experts have said that this party witnesses from the other side was wrong. Apple has the advantage of removing a bit when some strong arguments about the rights of Samsung touch to zoom and scroll effects popping up when all a content page.   First, the designer Susan Kare was invited back to court the next morning 17/8 for the review of the Samsung export certificates. Specifically, Susan does not agree with Jeeyeun Wang, who once said that Samsung selected headphone design on the classic green for phone applications purely by functional requirements. According to Kare, there are many ways to Samsung for their logo design, not just the same way Apple.   It became more urgent when Apple tried to add more witnesses in his remaining time. Peter Bressler, a witness for the iPhone maker, has rejected Samsung's argument that the design of the iPhone, Apple iPad is a common standard and this should not be exclusive. Based on the allegations of violations Prior art that Samsung has talked about, Bressler carefully pointed out the points made the difference for Apple products, even with the strong feedback from the public to demonstrate for what he said. "In my experience, a design that will not cause such great influence if it is not really different." But Bressler was in trouble when lawyer Charles Verhoeven Samsung side asked if Apple owns patents on the rounded corners or design of a black rectangle. Verhoeven questioning session led back to its original argument that Apple is the design of common standards.   Karan Singh and turn Ravin Balakrishnan, who has brought success to Apple two discussing the possibility of touching the right to zoom and bounce effect. First, Samsung said that the content pages popping up has been seen in Table DiamondTouch touch table, while the ability to roll the semantics of the interface is similar LaunchTile touch to zoom feature. Although evidence of Samsung offers pretty convincing, but Singh and Balakrishnan used the source code and evidence of actual performance in rejecting the Korean manufacturer. The couple said that the code is intended Tablecloth with two objects, not just a single document. This is an important difference in the gadgets that Apple has the right to register. LaunchTile part two describes the difference between the zoom operation of this interface with what Apple integrated its products.   Apple ended his argument with 16 minutes remaining. Meanwhile, Samsung only has 37 minutes for interrogation. First company to call Dr. David Teece, then to Tim Williams to testify to the fundamental rights of Samsung 3G. Then, Samsung has taken up Dr. Woodward Yang. He said that the "mode" and "applied" on the iPhone is similar in circumstances of the case, while Apple has said the "mode is a state of the device," and the "application is a extensive experience and broader. " According to Yang, the distinction that Apple offers does not apply to copyright bookmarking photo of Samsung. He also disagreed with the argument that Apple's IOS software architecture different from what Samsung has developed in regard to copyright music player that Apple allegedly copied.   For Apple's alleged copyright of '460 (related to the ability to email photos and images) is not valid, for example, Yang said that Apple did not use the features described are similar to what Samsung has posted sign, so the court should not remove this patent. Apple used its last 5 minutes to ask questions for Yang. Attorney William Lee recalled in a litigation document that Samsung was supposed to list all the devices that his company Apple that are being pirated. However, for both are in copyright case, Samsung has not given any form empty. Yang replied this record file is local only.   Thus, both Samsung and Apple ended the litigation and his criticism of the court. Instructions for the panel will be discussed on Monday that the judge and Koh deadline given for this is Tuesday. If everything goes as planned, the jury members will begin another argument to determine whether any party is guilty, and that's when the case is hotter than ever.   According to the verge ...


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