All machines and One X One S will receive the update fix the issue menu button

All machines and One X One S will receive the update fix the issue menu button
Recently, HTC has provided the user's X One AT & T (Qualcomm CPU) 4.0.4 Android upgrades, including custom replace function allows the Recents button into menu button App . This has solved the discomfort on computer X One, One S because virtual menu button will not always appear on the screen for the application is not integrated Action Bar. One known HTC V was added similar capabilities long. In addition, HTC also brings some changes for the One X that you can see details below. Page AnandTech met with representatives of HTC and said that all the X One, One S international version (with chip Tegra 3) will also soon receive a software update like this, but no specific time frame given. More on the Google aims to remove the Menu button, used to replace the Action Bars. Changes in version 4.0.4 on One X for Android AT & T: Upgrade to NFC Add more content selection in HTC Hub Car applications allow access to the media player software of third parties Improved WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G Improved Sense HTC and synchronize contacts Fixed problems when taking time from network Recent Apps option for button Always open the list of recent applications to run Click once to open the menu, press and hold to open the application list Click once to open the application list, press and hold to the menu This is the menu button always appears in some X applications on the front dayAnh One: Droid-LifeTheo AnandTech ...


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